Home is where I am.

Hi, I’m Vania Guevara. I am a first-generation Salvadoran mujer born and raised in El Monte, California. I grew up in a family of seven as the oldest of five children. My family and my neighborhood shaped my world view in a way that inspired me to do more to help others have access to more opportunities. Growing up, resources were not available, but because of perseverance and a mother’s love for her five kids, things began to change. I then went onto college, graduate school, and began a career in public service.

The mortgage crisis in 2008 forced my family to become displaced and move out of state. I then moved to Phoenix, Arizona for graduate school and got involved with local migrant rights organizations. After a eight years, my childhood dream of running for office became a reality. In the process, there was vacancy and I was appointed to serve as a councilmember representing District 5 during an interim period for almost a year. District 5 is a diverse and thriving community primarily comprised of Latinx residents in West Phoenix.

We did not win the election, but our community was finally seen and heard through our efforts in highlighting strengths as well as issues that needed to be addressed. We worked on police accountability, fixed crumbling roads, advocated for more access to public transportation, empowered youth, and invested in early childhood education.

After the election I did a solo backpacking trip throughout Mexico, Colombia, and the home of my ancestral roots– El Salvador. This adventure shaped and developed me in a way to see myself living anywhere in the world whether it’s Phoenix or Mexico City, home is always where I am.